The Voice in the Lalish Theaterlabor

What the voice of the Lalish performers is able to express depends on how much perception a person is able to master
, what impulses that person knows to conduct, and how little it attaches itself to already existing or at the moment developing impressions.

The quality and the flow of the breath, wherein a body’s concerns find their form of actual expression, is decisive for the true range of the sound.
If the rootposition of the performers’ bodies goes conform with the laws of the different spheres of their physical and spiritual existence, then a pattern emerges within the flow of their breath, that allows the voice to synthesize the physical factors,  psychic manifestations and the translucent forms of the mental sphere. The vocal expression of even one single breath can exteriorize the utilization of all past experience and present opportunities combined, to reach all that a single human being is able to master, namely the expression of pure knowledge and wisdom.

Thus the voice in Lalish serves the revitalization of the oldest and at the same time most modern song in creation, namely the eternal song of wisdom. Creation, once an interference-pattern in perfection, experiences it’s return to perfection in the light of the sound of the voices of the Lalish Theatre Lab and the old “Song of Salomon” may again enjoy it’s original, irreplaceable destiny therein.

Hans Echnaton-Schano

Ex member of Living Theatre of Julian Beck und Judith Malina