„No Shadows“, the Way of the Voice to Shadowfree Transparency and Immediate Perception

A Shadow requires a source of light and a body which is being penetrated or at least floodlit by the light of that source.

A body which doesn’t throw any shadow would therefore necessarily have to have acquired complete transparency. This again, would only becomes possible, if that body manages to adjust its molecular structure to the form of the light in such a way, that it fuses with it or completely dissolves therein. But even a shadow can become an intermediary, if it reveals something about its body of origin to a trained perception.

The human voice too is a body, which in the “light” of its breath can cause a “shadow” and that would be its sound. The form the voice that causes the sound takes, depends on its origin. If the source of the body of voice and the source of the breath fuse to their original unity, then the intermediary “Sound Shadow” transforms itself into an immediate source of understanding, a “Sound-Transparency”. And such a sound-transparency can fill with all of the transparent information that might be required to guide a searching mind to the origin of its own thinking and to an understanding of itself. “No Shadows”, therefore becomes the way of the voice to shadowfree transparency and immediate perception.

Hans Echnaton-Schano
Ex member of Living Theatre of Julian Beck und Judith Malina