The Garden of Dreams

Text: Hans Echnaton-Schano / Director, actor,
Poet and ex member of Living Theatre
about Presentation "the garden of dreams"
of 15 March 2013 in Lalish Theatrelabor/Vienna

Here in the Garden of Dreams, where past and future meet in the present of the moment that has always been eternity; a voice speaks and sings to us, that lets every atom of the body thrill with new life, pushes every molecule to carry that life from cell to cell, until all organs harmonize with a heartbeat giving birth to a thought, able to transforms the dreamlike realism into a realistic dream and to immediately make the dream come true. The language in the Garden of Dreams is so far from our quotidian use of language, that it opens the doors of perception; and in the certainty to have experienced something completely new, yet so familiar, we breathe on regenerated.