Cooperation projects 2013

Lalish Theaterlabor/Austria
and il casale delle arti  eco-art structure/Italy

no shadow

with and by: Nigar Hasib, Shamal Amin

at Festival Teatri di Pietra

19. July in Napoli/ Villa Pausilypon

20 July in Rome/ Arco di Malborghetto

the garden of dreams

work in progress from 2012 in Austria and Italy

"In Ritual Voice Performance of the Lalish Theaterlabor
we don't tell a fairy tale, but we discover and eperience a world that is not so far away from a WE, HERE, and NOW" Shamal Amin

Performance and reserarch project of Lalish Theaterlabor with Il Casale Delle Arti

Research and project Leader: Shamal Amin

Voice and songs Leader: Nigar Hasib

The research and development phase of this project will be preparde in varouis performance versions in Austria (in Lalsih Theaterlabor from September 2012) and in Italy (in Il Casale Delle Arti from July 2013).

the garden of dreams Performance II
22. July to 4. August in Il Casale Delle Arti/Italy
Performer: Giorgia Guarino

Song and voice matiarals of the Perfomance II based on: old ritual and folk songs from Italy (Neapolitan and Sicilian songs), experimental voice and songs technique of Nigar Hasib. And Text materials consist of classic poetic of Raffaele Viviani, modern poetic of Adonis, text fragment of Tahir Ben Galon and Shamal Amin.

the garden of dreams Performance I
from September 2012
Preformer: Nigar Hasib

Song and voice matiarals of the Perfomance I based on: old and ritual vocal techniques from North Mesopotamia, East and South Anatolia (Zazaki songs/in north Kurdistan), Zoroaster larynx songs (siatschamane and Hore style) from Hawaraman mountains in east and south Kurdistan, even larynx songs technique developed and composed experimental songs in self-founded artistic language by Nigar Hasib, speech-song technique by Shamal Amin, and arabic Mawal songs technique. And Text materials consist of poetic texts by Franz Kafka, Tahir Ben Galon, Samuel Beckett and Shamal Amin in German, English and Arabic language.

In this project, as in all other projects of lalish Theaterlabor; the linguistic text materials are not used as a channel of communication, but as a musical and rhythmic instrument. And the term "Celebarnt" instead of "Actor", here will not represent a difined character or a dramatic role.

Song as source
The way of energetic voice and voice action

VoiceBody Workshop
Leader: Nigar Hasib, Shamal Amin
1. - 4. August 2013
And work presentations of Lalish Theaterlabor and with partipations of the workshop.