Award Sound of MESS 2009 for "no shadow"

Professional Jury of the 49th MESS International Theatre Festival, including Rada Nuic (author of the scenic music), Mersid Ramicevic (music writer and composer) and Vesna Andree Zaimovic, musicologist and editor on the Radio Sarajevo reveals the award for the musical shaping of the theatre expression. The
Award Sound of Mess was given to the performance no shadow of the Lalish Theaterlabor to Nigar Hasib and Shamal Amin.

The performance is awarded for the projection of the musical vocal expression on the theatrical act through ritual and archetype vision.
We consider that their presence on the 49th MESS International Festival and general international scene would advance the new methods inside the speech singing. The music language in this audible performance has become the theatre through the reducing procedure.

27. October 2009