the door of sand
work in progress 2014-2015

a new Performance and Research project of Lalish Theaterlabor

Conception and Leader: Shamal Amin
Voice and Song Leader: Nigar Hasib

with an international Ensemble

This new project of Lalish Theaterlabor consists of a series of performances andactions with numerous international participants, some of these actions and performances are developed and presented through intensive work, as well as during internationalworkshops and open laboratory in different countries. Basic elements of this project arebased on voice and vocal techniques and artistic language of Lalish Theaterlabor, and poetic texts and vocal techniques of the participants from their own culture.

Performance/Part I
14. August 2014 in Grillhof in Tyrol/Austria

as a result of an intensive workshops and open lab within the UNESCO Chair for Peacestudies/MA Program for Peace Studies at University of Innsbruck/Tyrol/Austria.

With: Shamal Amin, Nigar Hasib (Kurdistan-Austria), ADOKATSE Seth (Ghana), BERNAL Alexandra (Colombia), CUELLO Alexa (Uruguay), DRUMMER Lena-Maria (Germany), JOVIC Ognjen (Bosnia), LARASATI Indah (Indonesia), MEKKY Shehab (Egypt), NAJIBULLAH Heela (Afghanistan), SANDSTAD Jennie Helene (Norway), SOLBERG Kriztin (Sweden), WHALEN Madeleine (Canada).

Performance/Part II
24. August 2014, Stockholm/Sweden at Alviksfestivalen

as a result of an intensive workshops and open lab in July-August in Stockholm

with: Shada Omar, Mariwan Kamal (Kurdistan - Sweden)

Performance/Part III
15. November 2014
at the III.  European Theatre Night Festival in Lalish Theaterlabor/Vienna

with: Nigar Hasib, Shamal Amin (Kurdistan- A), Mirjam Morad (A), Claudia Brandstetter (A),

Performance/Part IV
23. Nov. 2014 at "Fleischfestival" in Nuremberg/Germany
with: Nigar Hasib (Kurdistan- A), Irfan Taufik (Kurdistan- Germany)